Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twisted Thursday

This entry's title comes from the shape and directional changes of the road we traversed today.  We drove about an hour and a half from Pena Blanca to another village.  To get to this village included a bunch of twisting to get up a mountain and then twisting to get back down to the other side of this mountain.  We saw some beautiful scenery en route to the compound overseen by Heart to Honduras, the in-country mission with whom we have been working this week.

We set up the examination areas of the clinic and our pharmacy inside the compound's large meeting hall.  We were joined by a couple of Honduran doctors from near Pena Blanca and ended up having seven medical providers.  One of these providers felt like there would be more need for her in the pharmacy today and so she joined our team.  It ended up being a blessing because our pharmacy coordinator became ill (all ready had started the day not feeling well) and had to find a place to lie down for the rest of the day), so this provider turned pharmacist became our new coordinator and helped to save the day.  While I joke about a new career as a legal pill pusher I still have no clue what the medicines I'm counting and bagging up do to a person's insides; I needed a "professional" to help make sure I was grabbing the correction items.

The children's team set up outside of the meeting hall on a porch area which over looked a beautiful mountain stream with "rapids".  During lunch time I did venture down to the stream to put my feet in.

We then returned to Las Glorias Resort for an early evening boat tour on Lake Yojoa. The sights were so wonderful.  You could see storm clouds gathering over the mountain heights with bursts of sunlight peeking through.  Several small fishing boats were also out on the river; I assume that the fish we have eaten at a couple of our meals have come from this lake.

The evening is concluding by a another round of storms.  So far they are not so strong as to knock out our power or Internet connection.  I guess I better hit "publish" on this entry before the power goes out.

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