Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday Recap

Following breakfast at Las Glorias Resort, we venture a couple of miles away to a local orphanage. Part of our team assisted with some construction projects around the campus. Due to a lack of sand for se concrete projects, the team was limited in what they could help accomplish. For most of the day the word was that the sand was "coming any minute" and it finally did arrive...at the end out the day as our bus was leaving.

Another group organized crafts and games for many of the children. These child see were not limited to those living at the orphanage, but also include the children of adults from the community who came for our free medical clinic. This team has become known as the "Hey Team" because the children either don't know or can't remember the names of the Anglos and simply shout out "Hey you".

The team which I am working with is the medical team. I am helping out in the pharmacy to fill the medicine prescriptions for those children and adults who are seeing our team of medical professionals. The team saw approximately 115 people on Monday which includes both the orphans and the local community families.

I've been told that Monday will be the easiest day. Tuesday we will set out for a church to set up another clinic and Hey Team. Our construction team will be split up with half returning to orphanage now that the sand has arrived and the other half beginning the process of building a house for a local family in need.

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  1. I'm glad you are having a great time even with the rain. I can't wait to learn about your experiences with the children. Be careful out there and have fun.