Tuesday, April 30, 2013

South Korea is a "GO-GO"!

Just over 13 months ago I wrote about some disappointing news regarding a teacher trip to South Korea (see "South Korea is a 'no-go'" from March 2012).  Well, that disappointment is no more!

Yesterday I received word that my application for the 2013 trip with the Korea Society has been approved AND there are no conflicts the rest of my summer schedule!  I'm so excited to be able to return to South Korea; this trip will allow me to stay longer and travel throughout more of the country than did my previous experience.

To make the news even more wonderful, last night I learned that two friendships I made on previous teacher-focused trips will be rekindled on this trip.  Robin Manning, who I met on my November 2009 trip to South Korea, and Arlis Groves, who I met as part of the year-long TGC program & July 2012 trip to Indonesia, have each also been accepted into this program with the Korea Society!!

Due to some pre-trip reading and research requirements, I'm sure I'll be posting about my efforts at roaming the roads of lands remote before my flight even lifts off in late June.  I hope you'll follow this journey with me.