Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday Funday

Friday began with the whole group (members from the clinic, the children's team, and the construction teams) going to the village outside of San Pedro Sula were one of the construction groups had been working on building a house.  The small 12 ft by 20 ft one-room house was completed and we were going to help the family celebrate with a ribbon cutting and a dedication prayer followed by cake and soda.  The family expressed their gratitude for having a new home and a prayer of blessing was offered for the house and the family's future.

One of the guys who had been helping to build the house had commented that on Wednesday evening, before there was even a roof, the mother was found sweeping the floor of her new home.  As she was sweeping it was not with an attitude of "oh great, look at the dirt all of these guys are leaving on my floor" but more of an attitude of "thank you God for the ability to care for this special home you have given my family."  It's amazing the perspective that something so simple by our standards can mean something of such great worth by the standards of another.  How often do we perform household chores as an activity we have to do rather than with an attitude of thankfulness for the blessings that accompany the activity?

The new house with members of our team wondering the grounds

The family cuts the ribbon to inaugurate their new home...
they had already hung some potted plants and a plaque above the door.
While the family, adult members of our team, and neighbors enjoy cake as part of the celebration our kids held an impromptu game of "pick-up" soccer, or football, with a group of local children.  A couple of house lots away from the new house there was an open area that was perfect for the fun.  The soccer ball was one of several that had been brought by our group and upon our final good-byes with the family we left the ball with the local children for them to continue to enjoy.
Playing soccer (or football)
Following the festivities at the house, our group had another opportunity to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery of Honduras.  Just outside of the village with the new house we went to a park along the local river to enjoy the amazing waterfalls.  In addition to the scenic beauty of the falls, several of us (myself included) took advantage of the opportunity to ride the zip-line course which crisscrossed the river.  Those who know me well know that I have a fear of heights, however this is one of those "once in a lifetime" events that I couldn't pass up.  And I'll tell you...the view of the falls as I glided over the majestic drop in the river was worth every penny and I'd do it again in a heart beat!!!
The beautiful falls of the river.

David on the zip-line flying high about the drop in the river.
Such an amazing view of the falls from up above!!!
We then made our 2+ hour drive back to San Pedro Sula for the remainder of our time in Honduras.  We stooped at a local craft market to buy some souvenirs and help stimulate the local economy; those who know me know that the hour given to us for shopping was simply "not enough" and yet I found everything I "needed".  We then checked into our airport neighborhood hotel and headed to dinner.  While in the parking lot of the restaurant, an adult and a couple of children approached different members of our group trying to sell DVDs.  Some of them were very current movies, some so "current" that they are still playing in U.S. theaters.  So in order to help stimulate the economy even more AND to have a great story to tell about buying a pirated movie from to fun little boys, I did buy a copy of The Avengers.  All of the packaging is in Spanish, but the movie is in English...and it actually works!!
Joseph checking out the selection of "pirated" DVD movies
Back to the hotel and then to sleep.  We had to be up by 4:00 AM in order to get to the airport by 5:00 AM so as to get checked in, luggage tagged, airport departure taxes paid, security checked, and ready to board our 7:00 flight.  And alas, a wonderful trip to Honduras filled with health care, home building, cultural enlightening, and team bonding has come to and end.  All of our team members are safely back in the United States.

I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunities to do some remote road roaming in Honduras over the past week.  I can now count pills and zip-line with the best of them.  Most importantly have again had the opportunity to see the diversity of peoples and cultures that are present within this wonderful world God has created.

And now I look forward to the next adventure...Indonesia!

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