Monday, July 16, 2012


In preparation for my Teacher for Global Classrooms trip to Indonesia, I asked LOTS of people, organizations, businesses, cultural groups, etc., to donate items for me to give out to those whom I meet in Indonesia, especially the students at the schools I will be visiting.  Let's just say "I'm blown away!!!"

Here's a sampling of what I am trying to squeeze into a rolling duffel bag and yet not exceed the 50 lbs weight limit...

From a variety of school clubs & sports teams at Southmoore High School
~Freshman Class, Junior Class, Senior Class, Student Council,
Speech & Debate, National Honor Society, Soccer, Track & Field,
SuperCats, Administration, Yearbook, & AP Human Geography~
Donations included t-shirts galore, sweat pants, sunglasses, foam spirit fingers,
key chains from our first prom, the 2011-2012 Yearbook, and a 3x5 Oklahoma Flag

From the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
Pencils and "Character" lapel pins

From the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Pencils and bookmarks featuring horses

From the Oklahoma Department of Libraries
bookmarks with pictures of Oklahoma's history

From the Oklahoma City RedHawks baseball team
baseball hats, t-shirts, pencil bags, blankets, pennate flags, and note pads

From the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team
insulated lunch bags, peel-n-stick patches, rulers, pencil bags (with sharpener, pencils, eraser, & ruler), rubber wrist bands, rubber wrist watches, and lapel pins

In addition to these gifts, I also have 400+ hand written postcards from the students at Briarwood and Oakridge elementary schools and my AP US History and AP Human Geography students.

I am so thankful to each of these organizations for their generosity and I look forward to sharing pictures of the students and other individuals who will become recipients of these wonderful "Oklahoma" treasures.


  1. I hope you have room for your own clothes! We live in such a generous state and I'm thankful that you will be able share a little of Oklahoma with the people of Indonesia.

    1. So far it looks like everything it's all going to make it. I love the generousity of the "Oklahoma Standard".