Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures of Krida Nusantara

Guest House: where Daniel and I are staying

Guest House's dinning room

Guest House's bedroom "C"

The bathroom in bedroom "C": notice that shower stall is the floor itself

Krida's main classroom building; Betty's classroom is upstairs and 2nd from left side

Sunday afternoon workout for students

On campus hospital and ambulance

On campus convenient store; everything 7-11 has except for fuel

Our first dinner in the guest house...your guess is as good as mine

Monday morning faculty "roll call"

Presenting an Oklahoma Flag to Principal of Krida Nusantara;
the green folder has a welcome letter from Lt. Governor Todd Lamb

Students getting ready for class

Showing off the t-shirts I brought from Southmoore and OKC organizations

Even Krida students think Southmoore is #1, LOL
Thank you SHS Speech and Debate!!

Writing a reflection of Tuesday's lesson on political ideologies

Her family heard I was coming with postcard images for Krida's students,
so they sent me a book of images of Indonesia as a gift.  I LOVE THIS!!!

Group photo showing off the postcards they received from Southmoore students

They loving being photographed!!

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  1. cool,youre cool dudee !! :) love indonesia !