Saturday, July 28, 2012

Out and About in Bandung

Here are some images of being out about in Bandung, Indonesia over the past week.
Ramadan food specials for the non-fasting hours (dark)

motorcycles EVERYWHERE

scarves and head hijabs for the ladies
Batik prints for the men

for the faithful and fashion conscious girls

helmet fashion

a taste of home

the shops on "Jeans Street"

Dim Sum

Ramadan movie and snack package at the theater

Ramadan gift baskets

if you see this traffic sign BE VERY AFRAID

variety of bananas

dragan fruit


  1. I was just thinking,that since the Olympics are going on, how popular are the Olympics in Indonesia? I saw they only have 22 athletes competing, but is there a big hype over them, and the Olympics itself?

  2. Alex, that's a great question!!

    I did try to bring up the subject of the Olympics with a few people, including the students at Krida. There seemed to be very little interest in them. I did learn that four years ago, there weren't enough advertisers willing to purchase commercial time for Indonesian television stations during Olympic broadcasts so they didn't even show the events on TV in Indo for the 2008 games. I'm not sure if they are showing this year as I haven't been around a television long enough to even attempt to see.