Saturday, July 28, 2012

Land of Munchkins

This morning Daniel and I were invited to visit with Krida's English Language Club.  The club was divided into multiple groups and each Daniel and I were with a different group.  In my group I just allowed students the freedom to ask any questions they about me, USA, Oklahoma, or Southmoore that they wished.  I would then ask follow up connections of the students.  Such as, when asked about the most recent movie I saw at the cinema, I then had each of them tell me the last movie that they watched.  I was amazed at how many of them have seen some of the rather recent movies: Ice Age 4, The Dark Knight Rises (Batman), The Amazing Spider-Man, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, etc.  It was basically a time for the students to practice their English skills.  I also passed around the copy of Southmoore's yearbook which was given by our yearbook class.  The Krida students were fascinated by the images they saw of Southmoore students and all of their clubs, sports, and other activities.
English Language Club

This young man gave me a Batik key chain

Next we ventured down the mountain a bit to the elementary school which Krida operates: Tunas Krida Nusantara Elementary School.  This elementary school is a day school and the students do not live on campus (unless their parents work at the high school).  We visited a wide variety of classes: English classes, Religion classes, and classes of all grade levels.  I was able to give nearly every student a postcard written by the students of Briarwood and Oakridge in Moore, Oklahoma.  In the older grades, where students had better English skills, their teachers encouraged volunteers to read their card's message out loud to practice their verbal language skills.  It was so wonderful to hear these messages read and to see the expressions on the students' faces as they read the card and looked at the pictures.  They were so excited that they were also trading cards to see what the other messages contained.
Giving the principal of the elementary school a gift.
I also gave him a postcard from Mrs. Mosier at Briarwood with her school's contact information so that these students can some day send postcards back to Oklahoma.

Reading his postcard's message out loud

Even a 1st grade birthday party

Tonight Betty is taking us out for SPICY food.  I'll let you know how that comes out.

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