Friday, March 23, 2012

South Korea is a "no go"

This was my third year to apply with The Korea Society (in New York City) for their teacher fellowship to South Korea.  The fellowship provides a two-week trip throughout South Korea exploring history, politics, culture, religion, and economics.  This would be ideal for the AP Human Geography class which I teach.

I just received an e-mail today informing me that I was ACCEPTED for this year's program!!  However, rather than there being two travel groups (one in June and one in July) their sponsoring partners had to reschedule into only one travel group.  This singular trip straddles the June/July divide with a return that will conflict with my preexisting commitment to go on a Honduras mission trip with my church.  I've already paid the deposit for Honduras and am excited about going so it was an easy, although sad, decision I had to make.

So, I just got off the phone with The Korea Society to decline the fellowship for this year.  I did inquire as to whether or not this year's selection (although declined) would help in the consideration for next year and was told that yes they do keep that in I'll apply again next year (for the fourth time).

Sometimes the remote roads that we hope to roam end up getting delayed.  I'm still very VERY excited for the opportunities to roam remote roads in both Honduras and Indonesia this summer!

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