Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holi Moli

Today is the day that India/Hindus celebrate Holi.  Traditionally this day marks the beginning of spring and it is highlighted by the "festival of color".  The people will gather in public locations outside and "bless" each other with "gifts" of colorful paint and/or powder bombs.

Today I decided to have my AP Human Geography class reenact this tradition but instead of throwing the color at each other we just threw it at the pile of clothing on the ground.  So my WHITE shirt that I wore to school today has become a colorful tapestry flavored by Hawaiian Punch and accented by food color.

The kids loved it and we had fun.  Check out this YouTube video clip from the movie Outsourced for an example of how Holi is celebrated: Holi in Outsourced.

Keep roaming those remote roads and observing new celebrations!


  1. Happy Holi, Mr. Burton! Although you don't seem fervent enough. Don't they cover their faces in color?

    1. Thank you "Mr. Anonymous" (aka "Mike")! Yes, those who are practicing it within the public square in the manner which is truly traditional will end up being covered HEAD-TO-TOE in the nasty mess.

      Since the "color assault" might have "crossed-the-line" in public school academic setting I had to settle for just assaulting the solitary shirt on the ground. Sad day! LOL

  2. tell me more...... please...... I want to celebrate monday. even though we will be late

    1. Kathy, I hope we are still on for a phone call tonight to discuss your potential celebration!

    2. Kathy, for future planning I just looked up Holi dates for the next few years:
      March 27, 2013
      March 17, 2014
      March 6, 2015
      March 23, 2016

    3. Late reply to Holi, but I couldn't resist commenting on your 'nasty mess' description above. It's certainly a mess and certainly staining, but I wouldn't describe it as nasty. Having done multiple dissections over the years, having worked as a nurse's aide and cleaned up fecal stuff, AND having had children who had all the usual childhood illnesses that required cleaning both ends and then some, I think I can speak with some authority as to what constitutes 'nastiness'. :)

      Also, this Holi marked my daughter's 25th birthday, International Women's Day and a full moon! Does it get any better?