Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japanese Children's Song

Each Sunday evening I gather with a small group from my church for dinner and a Bible study.  During our dinner time tonight two of my friends were discussing experiences and memories from their respective times spent in Japan.  Miriam lived in Japan during her childhood because her parents were missionaries.  Glenn spent about eight months there as part of his military service.

Something in the conversation sparked the topic of music and they each recounted learning a common children's song.  Glenn had never known the topic of the song but had always remembered the tune and text (in Japanese).  Miriam remembers that the song had something to do with a young girl being meet by her mother while traveling home during a time of rainfall.

So following dinner and before our time of study began, Miriam and Glenn performed a special duet for us in Japanese:

During our lives we may each encounter times in which we discover that the remote roads we have traveled have also been travled by another person in our lives.  It is great to be able to recount our roaming stories and learn of shared experiences with others who are special in our lives.  I'm so glad that Miriam and Glenn made this connection and I'm thankful that they shared this connection with our group!


  1. This is a really moving story. Thanks for sharing such a moment. Well said, David.

    1. It was a very special moment. We actually had them sing it a second time so we could video it :-)