Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm a Balla' (maybe?)

Today at school, Student Council teamed up with our Special Olympics Team to help raise money for the Special Olympians to be able to go to their state competition in May.  Due to the state competition being out of town all of the expenses for registration, hotels, food, transportation, etc., top $2000.  Today's fundraiser was billed as the "SuperCat Slam" (we call our Special Olympians the "SuperCats") and constituted a pay-to-get-out-of-class assembly for an exhibition basketball game between the SuperCats and a gang of rag-tag faculty members, the FacultyCats.
David "The Globetrotter" Burton
My STUCO officers nominated me as one of the rag-tag faculty members and so I donned my uniform (see picture above) and joined 9 other teachers as we challenged the SuperCats.  Nearly 1200 of our @2000 students paid $2 each to get out of 6th hour to see us make "fools" of ourselves as we supported a great cause.  It was great fun even though the FacultyCats lost 20(something) to 11 (2 of those points were mine, ha!).  I am proud to be at such a great school that offers the opportunity to be part of such a special event.  Sometimes roaming the remote roads demands that we step out of comfort zones, risk embarrassment, and yet be on the receiving end of a very joyous time.
Front row: Kelly "The Punisher" Johnson, Andrae "So So Smooth" McConnell,
and Brandon "The Wizard" Wilmarth
Back row: Kasie "Show-and-Glow" Hill, Macie "The Maniac" Viets",
Cory "The Intern" Vance, Will "Mighty Mouse" Staats, David "The Globetrotter" Burton,
Bobbie "The Baller" Grauman, and David "The Cat-man" Hanneman

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