Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm going to Honduras!!!

For a couple of months I've been toying with the idea of going with my church on a missions trip this summer.  There are a couple of options for the actual summer months and a few others throughout the year.  Ideally, the trip to Roatan, Honduras would have been my preference because it would be a group made up primarily of single adults (albeit most would be younger than I) and it would be to work with a missionary whose family I know and have respected for many years.  However, that trip's departure conflicted with my annual summer job of scoring essays for the AP United States History exam as well as another teacher trip for which I've applied (although not yet received acceptance) through the Korea Society.

Ultimately the "best fit" would be the family trip to Pena Blanca, Honduras from July 7 to 14.  Although labeled as a "family trip", there are several singles going AND I've been accepted as "almost family" by our missions pastor and his family.  Originally there had been a hiccup for my participating with this trip too as my pre-existing commitment with TGC for the trip to Indonesia was scheduled to leave on July 14.  It would be HIGHLY difficult to travel home from Honduras AND travel to Indonesia all on the same day.  However, the departure for Indonesia was rescheduled for July 17...I'll still be cutting it close.  Anyhow, I paid my deposit this past Wednesday night so now...I'm going to Honduras!!!

So, in addition to blogging about my preparations for Indonesia in this forum I'll also include information in preparation for my trip to Honduras.  I'm excited for all of the upcoming opportunities for roaming the remote roads for both Honduras and Indonesia!

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