Friday, June 22, 2012

Violence in Honduras

As a reminder, I am heading to Honduras on July 8th for a one-week missions trip with Crossings Community Church.  Our team will be divided into three groups focusing on construction of a couple of houses, medical care, and children's activities.  I'll be working in the pharmacy with the medical team.  Is "tres pastillas para usted; uno para mí" the correct translation for "three pills for you; one for me"?

Yesterday Michael Milligan, my missions pastor, sent an e-mail with a link to a recent article about Honduras which appeared in an internationally recognized magazine on international issues.  Take a moment and read "Violence in Honduras: The Eye of the Storm" from The Economist.

Favorite line from the article: "Baring war zones, [the high murder rate] makes Honduras by most reckonings the most violent country in the world."

To clarify his thoughts in his e-mail, Michael gave the following commentary to help put his relaying of this article into some perspective: "I am not sending you the article to alarm you, but so that you can have a greater awareness of what the Honduran people face day after day.  I am not worried or anxious about the safety of our team while we are in Pena Blanca, but my heart breaks for the people who constantly live under this cloud of fear and death."

As such, please consider both this article and Michael's commentary as you roam the remote roads of Honduras with me in a couple of weeks.

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