Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vault in the Ville

One of the great things about exploring urban areas is finding the wonderful ways in which communities seek ways to revitalize their inner cities and attempt to re-attract suburbanites back into the original core.  My home community of Oklahoma City has done this through our MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects) program.

I've been traveling to Louisville, KY, each June for the past six years to help score the essays written for the College Board's AP United States History exam.  During this time I've been able to explore some of the wonderful places which "the Ville" has created or redesigned to help draw people back to its downtown core.  One such area is called "Fourth Street Live".  A section of Fourth Street has been blocked off and all sorts of entertainment opportunities abound.  Restaurants, clubs, a bowling alley, etc.  Additionally, they have live concerts and other activities right in the middle of the street.

Last night I encountered "Vault in the Ville".  A group of competitive pole vaulters were putting on an exhibition of their talents.  Check out the video I put together:

Whether in your home community or within a city which you might visit take the time to get out of your suburban comfort zones and roam the remote roads back into the original core or central business district (often called "downtown") and see what excitement you might find.

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