Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cousin Peter in China

I received an e-mail early this morning from one of my dad's first cousins who lives in the Houston area.  She knows that I love to travel and to explore new locations so in the e-mail she included a link to her grandson's blog.  Peter Lambert has an eight-week internship in China as part of the World Food Prize Program.  His research while in China is part of an international program to help improve the quality, quantity, and availability of food throughout the world.

The last couple of lines from his July 17th entry grabbed my attention as they relate to the ideas of Global Education (the whole concept of the Teachers for Global Classrooms program I am in). "I am growing more and more fond of this country each day and am discovering many similarities between it and the states.  It just goes to show that people are people no matter where you find them."

Feel free to join me in roaming the remote roads of China as we read Peter's Adventure Blog.

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