Friday, May 11, 2012

Visiting Elementary Students

During my planning period and lunch time today I had the great pleasure of going to Briarwood Elementary School and visiting with their 4th and 6th graders about my upcoming trip to Indonesia.  They were such great listeners and asked so many wonderful questions!  They and their teachers, Amy Chase and Theresa Mosier, along with Carol Schmidt and her 5th graders, are going to help write postcards for me to take to students in Indonesia this summer.

Additionally, Kerri Guarnera is coordinating another large group of 4th, 5th, and 6th students in writing postcards at Oakridge Elementary School.  I am so excited that the Briarwood Bears and the Oakridge SaberCubs (nearly all of which will eventually be Southmoore SaberCats) are helping to share the experiences of their lives in Oklahoma with students in a distant land.  Hopefully I can have some students  in Indonesia compose postcards to bring back when I return.

The pictures below are from the PowerPoint presentation I used during our time together.


  1. David, after showing the power point and writing our postcards, my students were so excited and inquisitive about your trip. We are looking forward to following you through this blog and looking even more forward to having you visit us next fall to learn all about your trip. Thanks so much for including us. Safe travels- Kerri Guarnera, Oakridge Elementary

  2. I've just noticed a mistake on the slide with my colleagues from other parts of Oklahoma. Laura Acchidreddy teaches in Broken Arrow and not Bartlesville. I knew that...not sure what made me mistype! Yikes!!! Sorry Laura.