Friday, May 4, 2012

Calling All Students!

One of the goals of the Teachers for Global Classrooms program is to get my students virtually involved within my trip to Indonesia.  Those TGC teachers who have already traveled to Ghana, Morocco, and Ukraine have had students interacting with their blogs, posting comments, responding to questions from students in the other country (questions and answers appearing in text and video formats), etc.  This has worked "well" for these 30+ teachers in that their trips were during the school year and they were able to recruit participation from their students in person up until the day before their departures.  This is not the same for most of those in the Brazil cohort or for any of those in the India and Indonesia cohorts; our trips are in June and July.

So we have to be more creative in our recruitment strategies and try to entice student participation before the current school year is over.  To help build some interest among the students I will have next year I have already prepared and sent the letter below to those who have pre-enrolled in my AP Human Geography course for next year.  If I can get them interested and even participating now, then I hope they will be actively involved while I am in Indonesia during the second half of July.  It will also enhance class discussions next year when we can relate topics in class to experiences from the trip.  By being active participants in this adventure, they will be able to be virtual roamers of remote roads!

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