Thursday, May 10, 2012

Postcard Palooza

After having heard of other teachers in my TGC program who have taken messages written on postcards from their students here in the U.S. to the students in their host countries, I've decided to do the same.  One thing I've's not as easy as you'd think to find postcards.  Drug stores like Walgreen's and CVS no longer carry them, Target doesn't have them, most local gas stations (even the travel-ones like Loves) have stopped or significantly limited their supplies.  So, I give in and make the rounds to some of the local history museums knowing I'll have to pay "high dollar"...and then magic happens.  The Oklahoma History Center's gift shop had a whole display of "clearance" postcards at only TEN CENTS each.  I bought a bunch.

Following this find, I was able to confirm that two of Southmoore's "feeder" elementary schools were willing to have their elementary kids join my high school kids in writing messages about life here in Oklahoma to their peers in Indonesia.  This is awesome.  The only "hiccup" was that I need another 350 postcards.  Luckily the OHC still had plenty on clearance and I left with a car load (slight exaggeration).  So, pictured above is a sample of the cards I have.  I'm excited for these local students to join in the efforts of building bridges with students in another country.

Let the Postcard Palooza begin.  And with this process, perhaps some young minds will be interested in roaming the remote roads!

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