Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indonesia Not Gaga for this Lady

Despite having sold-out of the 50,000 tickets available, a June 3rd concert in Indonesia by American musician Lady Gaga appears to be doomed.  See the details of the story as being reported by a variety of global news outlets:
One of the great ways of following remote roads is to follow the "familiar" but from a variety of perspectives.  I'm not in anyway suggesting that I am overly familiar with Lady Gaga or her music (although Southmoore's marching band has played an arrangement of "Bad Romance"), I just am familiar with the fact that she is a current icon of American pop culture music and has become the subject of international attention (for good or bad).  Explore what others throughout the world have to say on a topic of interest to you...a simple and yet remote road which can be explored using technology within your grasp.

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