Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wheels Up, Yes Again

I'm currently sitting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport waiting with my friends Liz and Jack for our flight to Cancun.  We'll be meeting up with Jack' sister and brother-in-law (great people!!!) and a friend of theirs.  We began talking about this trip back in the Fall and made it official in January when we bought the tickets.  This was all before I even applied for the Korea trip; I'm super glad that both were able to be worked out.

I'm sure I'll post news of my adventures, along with pictures, especially when we go to see the Mayan ruins...yes I want to absorb some culture and history along side the sunshine's rays.

Previously may only adventure to Mexico was when I was a child (single digits age) when my family took a Spring Break trip through southern Texas.  One afternoon we did cross the border at Brownsville, TX and explored a little bit of Matamoros.  While I remember my father haggling with the market venders to get my poncho (still have) and my donkey piñata (fell about years ago), I don't remember much else abut that experience.  While I know this visit will be ENTIRELY different, it is nice to be returning to the land of our southern neighbor.

I hope this proves to be another fruitful time of roaming the roads of lands remote!!

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