Sunday, July 14, 2013

Expected v. Unexpected

When traveling the world, there are certain examples of globalization which I have come to expect to see.  Occasionally, however, there are things that I see which catch me by surprise.  Here are a few examples from my recent trip to South Korea.


McDonald's, along with delivery motorbikes

Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks

7-Eleven and Pizza Hut

Popular books in local language and baseball

Anything "Angry Birds" (this was all over Indonesia too)

Popularity of an American automobile company

Influence a current movie in reviving interest in the book on which it's based
Travel guides in local language
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

Subway and Yankee Candle

Eskimo Joes (Stillwater, Oklahoma restaurant) t-shirt;
chocolate candies named after a west African country

McDonald's menu items: green tea and Shanghai Spicy Chicken
the Beef Bulgogi burger didn't surprise me since it's a Korean dish

Lone Ranger movie advertisement on a clear fan;
"Boom-Boom" sticks to cheer on the favorite baseball team

Sixth inning stretch (rather than 7th) and players actually came on the field to stretch

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