Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Iguana Scare You

Today has been a relaxing day here at the Aventura Spa Palace Resort.  A wonderful breakfast buffet followed by pool time which included an invigorating session of water aerobics.

The weather has included lots of time with sunshine yet still somewhat cloudy.  A couple of times it looked like rain.  There is a 30% chance for rain showers for each of the next several days.  Around 2:00 we did hear several bouts of thunder and could see lightening out over the waters off in the gulf.

One of the things about this resort that I hope to explore more is the wildlife which lives on the property.  As we arrived yesterday, I noticed a sign indicating some iguanas and a couple of varieties of monkeys.  While walking the main grounds and along the coastal rocks I have seen almost a dozen iguanas so far.  Sometimes you just stumble upon one popping its head out from the hole it's burrowed under the side of a sidewalk.  It can startle you!!!!  I hope to take one of the nature walks later and maybe see some of these alleged monkeys.

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