Thursday, July 4, 2013

Monsooner or Later

Prior to our trip we had been told that our arrival would coincide with the beginnings of the rainy, or monsoon, season.  While there has been a couple of short rain showers over the past week and a half and a gentle rain while at Haein-sa Temple, we had not yet experienced the truly HEAVY rains that we had been "promised".

Well, all of this changed last night.  As groups were heading out to dinner following our check in at the hotel the rains changed from a some light sprinkling to a major down pour.  It was the first time on the trip that I brought out my poncho and umbrella...yikes.  Water was ankle deep in some locations.

The small group I was with (myself and three others) took refuge in the closest restaurant possible...Outback Steak House.  It was sort of an "ideal" place so that we could have a taste of American on this Fourth of July while we hoped to ride out the rains.

Luckily the rains did subside long enough for some post dinner shopping and out return to the hotel.

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