Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So here I am, two movies finished on my trans-Pacific flight to South Korea.  My "goal" is to stay awake as much of this flight as possible so that my body literally collapses when it is bed time tonight; we'll see how well this goal is realized, especially since I've already cat napped a little bit.

Knowing that my flight leaving Oklahoma Cty was early so I didn't sleep the night before.  I arrived at the airport shortly after 4:00 AM for my 5:30 non-stop flight to Los Angles where 1) I would meet 10 of the other 40 teachers going on this trip (including a middle school teacher from Shawnee...woot woot, representing Oklahoma) and 2) I would catch my 13 hour flight on to Seoul.

Based upon the recommendation from the Korea Society (organizer of this trip), I tried the Bibimbop, a traditional Korean rice engree, for lunch on the flight; the flight attendant seemed very shocked that I, a non Korean, made this selection.  She even gave me an instruction card for mixing the rice and other ingredients together.  The recommendation was spot on as this was delicious!

I've since watched two movies: "OZ: The Great and Powerful" and "The Guilt Trip". And as I type this I'm contemplating my third selection...maybe "Les Misérables" or "Identity Thief" or something else??

Additionally, as I'm typing this message I notice that we are crossing the International Date Line.  So now it's already Wednesday for me.  I'll let you know the winning lottery numbers so you can play them tonight and win, LOL.

I guess I'll close for now and get back to another movie, or take another "short" nap since my eyes are drooping <grin>.  I'll check in later once we get settled in.

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