Monday, June 24, 2013

Final Preparations

In less than 21-hours I board my flight to Los Angeles so as to join about 25% of the rest of the group of 40 teachers then heading on to Seoul, South Korea.  The full group of 40 (others flying in from Chicago and New York) will meet at the airport in Seoul.

So today I spend my final moments of preparation.  I have errands to run and a lesson plan to finalize.  I finished all of my laundry early last week before a very fast paced trip to Indiana and Michigan, so this evening I'll have a little bit of ironing and packing to do: one or two suitcases??...I'll figure that out tonight.

Otherwise...I'm ready to go.  I'm excited to say "goodbye for now Oklahoma and 인사말 한국 (greetings Korea)!"  Let's do this!!!  My passport is READY for some remote road roaming.

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