Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fine Line

Life is full of "fine lines" which help to give us an guiding compass and distinguish between the good and the bad, the safe and the dangerous, the appropriate and the inappropriate, the moral and the immoral, the just and the unjust, etc.  This fine line is [or should be] much easier for adults to grasp than for children simply due to our life experiences.  I do admit that because of a variety of cultural, political, religious, philosophical, etc. perspectives we might not all agree on "where" a particular "line" is, but I do believe that we all would agree that a "line" does exist   We know that if you get to close too the "line" (whatever it may be) you risk crossing over into that territory where you truly don't want to be.  As such, shouldn't caring adults, whether they be parents or other close family members, teacher, clergy, etc., want to help children keep from getting too close to that "line"?  I am troubled today because I witnessed a parent who went to great lengths to facilitate and defend his/her child in crossing a "line" and then verbally belittling the other caring adults who were holding firm to the nature of this "line".

If we as a society collectively start ignoring the "fine lines" it will lead to chaos and, ultimately, the destruction of our society.  I'm welcome our respectful discussions on determining "where" the "line" should be, but actively seeking to destroy the "line" and the protection that such a "line" helps provide is NOT a remote road down which I would enjoy traveling.

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