Thursday, May 30, 2013

Korean Homework: Part One

In case you missed my posting in April titled "South Korea is a 'Go-Go'!" please know that I am preparing for an exciting trip to the Korean peninsula in late June through early July.  One of our pre-trip assignments is to do some background reading in Korean history and culture.  While a bibliography of suggested readings was sent to each of the 40 teachers traveling from the USA to Korea, we were allowed to make our own selections, including off the list.  In addition to simply completing the readings were also asked to prepare summaries of these readings.

Due in part to 1) end of school year projects, 2) the events surrounding the tornado which hit my school district on the afternoon of May 20th, and, probably the most truthful reason, 3) procrastination on my part, I haven't completed as much of my reading as I would have hoped.  But never fear!  I'll be traveling to the annual essay scoring session for the AP United States History exam tomorrow and can get lots of it accomplished in transit :-)  The two "books" I've selected are noted below; there will also be a couple of articles I've found which I'll reflect on as well.  I'll be posting my summaries and reflections in subsequent "Korean Homework" entries.


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