Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reading for Your Travels

As summer time approaches, many people begin thinking about 1) a summer reading list and 2) a vacation get away.  Sometimes it's good to read up on a place that you're planning to visit.  Additionally, if you're not able to physically get away but you have the chance to read why not grab a book about a location you're potentially interested in visiting someday?

I recently came into contact with this great website which provides a recommended reading list for a wide variety of destinations (thank you to my "Seoul Sister" Julie Wakefield).  Regardless of whether the travels you're actually taking (or the ones you're thinking about) are domestic U.S. or something more international, you'll find some suggestions at "Longitude: Books, Recommended for Travelers".

Happy reading to you!
Happy travels to you!
And, hopefully, happy reading AND travels to you!
Whether in person or via the words of others may you enjoy you escape along the roads of lands remote!!!

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