Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

So as part of the TGC program, our head principals (or their designate) were invited to attend a Global Education Symposium with our gaggle of teachers.  This is the first opportunity that my principal, Mr. Roy Smith, has had to visit Washington, DC.  We fly out @7:00 AM tomorrow morning.

While I've been to DC several times (I think this will be at least the 10th time), it is fun to see the center of our nation's political life come alive before the eyes of a first timer.  When we are not in meetings Mr. Smith and I will be visiting some of the sites; we already have reservations for a tour of The Capitol on Saturday afternoon.

So I have basically nick-named this trip "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and I'll probably use that title for any blog updates which I make during the next few days.  And I think the nick-name is rather apropos for this trip.  In the classic movie, Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) is picked as a mid-term replacement Senator and heads off to Washington with a goal of bringing about a positive change.  Likewise, the TGC program is bring all of us teacher and principals, "my" Mr. Smith included, hoping that our educational efforts will help provide a meaningful change within our schools...helping our students to truly be more aware of the world around them, to learn to interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and physical locations, and to have meaningful educational experiences with cutting edge technology.

So, if our theme is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" then the following is our theme's campaign poster:

I'm excited to have Mr. Smith joining me on this venture and hope that even with my 10th time to DC, we will still be able to have the opportunity to roam remote roads.  Of course, re-roaming some of my formerly traveled roads is alright, especially knowing that I'm helping someone else to roam a new road.