Friday, February 17, 2012

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington--Part Two

So we arrived in DC around 1:00 EST and then made our way, by taxi, to our hotel--located just two blocks south of The Mall; our street runs right in to the Smithsonian Castle.  We got checked in and then set out to walk to The Mall and pop in to a couple of the museums: we saw the new "Star Spangled Banner" exhibit at the American History Museum, I bought a new stuffed SaberCat at the Natural History Museum, and Mr. Smith tried to buy the Hope Diamond necklace for his wife) and we also went to the National Archives (seeing the original Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution really get me each time).

We then came back to the hotel to rest for a bit and make dinner plans.  We ran in to Nicole Means, a TGC participant from St. Francisville, LA, and her assistant principal, Abby.  We decided to join them for dinner as well as some local friends Nicole knows who live in DC.  We headed off to Chinatown to eat at "Ping Pong", a modern twist to dim sum.  It was wonderful!!!  I'd go back again tonight.  I'm definitely going to seek dim sum out when I get back to OKC.  I want to eat sum of dat, dim sum dat, dim sum more dat.

Keep roaming those remote roads!  Especially the culinary ones.  I'll have to back a posting sometime about foods I've enjoyed from around the world.

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