Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1st World "Problems"

One major benefit of roaming the roads of lands remote (literally or figuratively) is that it helps to give you some perspective on life.  I find it highly interesting what my people in my life (primarily my students) consider to be "problems" or "emergencies".  The typical excuse given to me by a student who was caught texting in class: "But it was an emergency".  So when I explore this "emergency" I usually learn that the "emergency" in question is something along the lines of: "My mom's pedicure is running long and she will be 5 minutes late to pick up my younger sibling from I have to get my sibling".  Without commenting on the legitimacy of the "emergency" status of this issue, I'm sure no one would have considered this an "emergency" ten years ago.

The "problems" that have developed surrounding our rapidly changing technological advances are so different than the "problems" faced by other peoples on the planet.  Don't get me wrong...this posting is not about trying to guilt people of our culture into sacrificing their technology gadgets so as to give more money to the poor.  I'm just stating that perspective in life changes how we define "problems".

This video helps to perspective on the "problems" which we in the "1st World", or most developed countries, must endure.

As we continue to explore the roads of lands remote, I hope that we can all allow ourselves to be open minded enough to see things from the perspective of others.

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