Thursday, August 2, 2012

No Place Like Home

I finally arrived home in Oklahoma City at 2:45 AM yesterday morning.  It was a long time of traveling from Jakarta to Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Oklahoma City; nearly 36 hours of travel including layovers.

I had turned the air conditioner off during my time away, which has initially seemed like a mistake when I arrived back to Oklahoma and temperatures of 112+.  My A/C is still struggling to catch up.  It was showing 91 in my house most of yesterday but was down to 82 when I woke this morning.  So, due to the heat I'm still processing the validity of "home sweet home".

One definitely positive about being home is my new iPad. My district had funds to place some iPad-Apple TV-LCD projector combination. I am a one of 30 recipients at Southmoore and was able to pic up my pad this morning; in fact this posting is being typed on that very iPad. So perhaps homecoming is sweet after all.

So I guess this is a new adventure in remote road roaming for me: a new step in my quest for using technology effectively with my students.  I hope you continue to help me roaming the roads of lands remote.

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