Friday, January 27, 2012

Indonesia & Current Curriculum

The upcoming trip to Indonesia must be on my mind.

Two days ago, my AP Human Geography class was taking a test on our Political Geography unit.  As I was reviewing the test before having photocopies made, one of the questions jumped out at me since it was about Indonesia.  I have then started exploring for other questions in my test banks which already address Indonesia within my current curriculum.  Some of these questions are specifically about Indonesia while others use Indonesia as an answer choice.

Here's some of those test questions:

Which of the following countries is in the top five in terms of total population in the world?
  1. Iran
  2. Pakistan
  3. Indonesia
  4. Vietnam
  5. Russia
A country in which the majority of the population are Shiite Muslims is
  1. Iran.
  2. Morocco.
  3. Saudi Arabia.
  4. Egypt.
  5. Indonesia.
Which of the following is a good example of an exclave?
  1. Hawaii in relation to the United States
  2. Sumatra Island in relation to Indonesia
  3. Alaska in relation to the United States
  4. Taiwan in relation to China
  5. Shikoku in relation to Japan
Indonesia is an example of which of the following types of states?
  1. prorupted
  2. perforated
  3. compact
  4. fragmented
  5. bifurcated
Violent confrontations in Ambon, Aceh, and East Timor illustrate the problem of holding together the physically and culturally diverse country of
  1. India.
  2. Indonesia.
  3. Brazil.
  4. South Africa.
  5. Yugoslavia.
Which of the following countries is an enclave?
  1. United States
  2. Indonesia
  3. Lesotho
  4. Egypt
  5. Morocco
Indonesia is an example of a(n)
  1. elongated state.
  2. microstate.
  3. compact state.
  4. fragmented state.
  5. prorupted state.
In which of the following regions would the sawah pictured above most likely NOT  exist?
  1. Indonesia
  2. Northern India
  3. Southwestern China
  4. Malaysia
  5. Vietnam
The "Four Tigers" of East and Southeast Asia include
  1. China, Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan.
  2. Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.
  3. Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam.
  4. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  5. China, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.
Which country has been a high-volume destination for global firms from the United States outsourcing their tertiary-sector jobs?
  1. Mexico
  2. China
  3. India
  4. Indonesia
  5. Malaysia
I hope you enjoyed! Perhaps, through these questions, you've been able to roam a remote road today.

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