Sunday, January 22, 2012

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

For those who are not familiar with the new Tom Hanks & Sandra Bullock movie you might want to watch the trailer first before continuing to read:

This movie is absolutely an example of roaming the roads of lands remote.

Despite our differences (gender, racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, religious, orientations ... ) all of people have a whole host of commonalities.  We have all experienced birth and will experience death.  We will all put effort into something and all receive the benefit of our efforts.  We will face injuries/sickness as well as times of healing.  We will encounter both destructive and creative forces.  We will laugh and we will cry.  We will face grief and celebration.  We search for things and we realize a search might be futile.  We will save and discard.  We will tear up and we will mend.  We need times of silence and times that are loud.  We will all love and hate.  We experience times of war and peace.  And sometimes, figuratively speaking, we all just need to take a ride in the third swing from the right.

Too often we allow those differences (noted above) to be barriers to stepping out of our comfort zones and risking the opportunity to get to know someone.  It is by traveling that remote road when we learn that perhaps that road wasn't as remote as we first perceived.

P.S.: Yes, for those who noticed, by list of commonalities was inspired by Ecclesiastes 3.  Regardless of the list's source, there is still significant truth in their words.

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