Thursday, January 10, 2013

Indonesia Continues ...

In 2009, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea for a symposium between American and Korean teachers.  I've stayed in touch with many of the American teachers I met and about a year ago I encouraged each of them to apply for the 2012-2013 cylce of Teacher for Global Classrooms.  Two of them were accepted!! And of those, one has been assigned to go to Indonesia.

What has made this extra special for me is that Julie (my Seoul Sista' heading to Indonesia) invited me to participate within a Facebook group specifically designed for her TGC cohort.  The other members know that I'm not going with them, but have been very eager to ask questions ... some that I can answer and others that I just don't know, LOL.

I feel so honored to be "going through this process again" but from a different perspective.  So, while doing something familiar (prepping for an adventure to Indonesia) I'm also roaming another remote road (prepping to help OTHERS enjoy the Indonesia adventure rather than myself).  I'm just as excited about following their travel blogs as I was for the other country cohorts within my own larger team.

TGC Indonesia 2012-2013 ... I'm with you all in heart and spirit! (and if you want to smuggle me in a suitcase, I'm game for that too, HAHA).

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