Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm going to Bandung!!!

Today I received notice from the TGC program as to the specific community which I will spend most of my time during my stay in Indonesia.  I will be working with Ms. Betty Rahmawati, a teacher at Krida Nusantara High School in Bandung, Indonesia.  I have already sent and received an e-mail each direction with Betty.  We are beginning the process of getting aquainted and discussing the details of my visit to her school and community.  Joining me in the adventure will be Daniel Jocz, a teacher from Los Angeles, CA.

I do know that my travel by air will take me from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.  Then there will be about 3-4 days spent in Jakarta prior to continuing on to Bandung; I'm assuming this journey will be by land since Jakarta to Bandung is less than 150 km.

So...until more details are provided to me regarding this are a few images to help give a physical sense of space for my destination.


  1. As we commiserated with a colleague who had an 18 hour train ride (solo), we all talked about the people who were traveling to and from Indonesia for two weeks. While I envied you in theory, the practice sounds as daunting as it is exciting. I hope your mentor teacher is as committed, inspiring, and warm as mine is. Best of luck, and thanks for being the first to post on my blog. Maybe we can find each other in DC this fall and meet in (much transformed) person.

    1. Indonesia is "daunting"? Are you referencing the long trans-Pacific flight? I've had several long ones before and its not that bad as long as you have good movies, good sleeping pills, and/or seats in business or first class :-)

      Indonesia was my first choice on our ranked lists. Something about a land where there is a strong cultural influence from Southeast Asia combined with the cultural influences associated with Islam. I am very excited!